Hawk Destroys Quadcopter Drone In Mid Air

  I guess the skies aren’t so friendly after all. Especially if you’re flying a quadcopter drone like Christopher Schmidt. A hawk comes out of nowhere and knocks his remote controlled drone right out of the air in one hit.  The good news is the whole thing was caught on camera for our viewing enjoyment. Read More

The Killer Clown

WARNING: Seemingly graphic content Pranks are all over YouTube and people simply love them. But this is one prank that might just make you pee your pants a little. The pranksters use one of the most common fears among people, evil clowns. The prank is hilarious and freaky at the same time and it’s large Read More

A Family’s Journey Through Their Young Child’s Gender Change! “We Signed Up As Parents, No Strings Attached”

Watch this incredibly heartwarming story of the Whittington family and their incredibly challenging, but beautiful journey.  The background music is perfectly suited to this incredible story of a family’s love. TRUE love. “We signed up as parents, NO STRINGS ATTACHED!”  We can only hope more people will learn this type of support for their children!

Watch An Alaskan Husky Puppy Howl For The Very First Time

This is adorable.  A boy and his dog.  Watch this puppy learn to howl for the first time.  You can sense the joy when she figures it all out.    A precious moment captured on tape.  Get ready for an extra large heart-melt!  Share this with your puppy lovin’ friends.    

Watch Levar Burtons Reaction As Reading Rainbow Raises $1 Million In 24 Hours

We just love this guy.  What a class act!  Yesterday, the internet was buzzing with talk of Levar Burton’s kickstarter campaign to raise money for Reading Rainbow.  Last night they hit $1 million.  As of this writing they are at 1.8 million and still going!  He plans on giving the Rainbow away for free.  This Read More

These Kid’s Reactions To A Computer From The 1980’s Are Priceless!

When it comes to modern technology, today’s kids cannot conceptualize anything different. From small but powerful smartphones, to iPads, Kindles, and Surface tablets, to Mac Air or PC Laptops, there is no limit to the imagination.  Watch how these children react to one of the original computers…you would think they were introduced to a dinosaur.

How To Cut Cherry Tomatoes Like A Ninja!

Here’s another great kitchen hack from DaveHax.  It’s an easy way to cut several cherry tomatoes at once using 2 plates an a good sharp knife.  Watch this video and learn how to save time the next time you have a bunch of little tomatoes to prepare! Check out his youtube channel for more great Read More

How To Peel An Entire Head Of Garlic In 15 Seconds

Yes, yes, yes…we know this is a Martha Stewart video. Yes, she bugs the heck out of us (most of the time). But, this is a very cool trick. Push play to watch the video and learn the secret to perfectly peeling a whole head of garlic in about 15 seconds.

Husky Throws A Hilarious Puppy Temper Tantrum

Meet Blaze the husky. When his owner tells him it’s time to go in the kennel, Blaze makes his feelings very clear! He throws a hilarious puppy-style tantrum, flopping and rolling around on the floor and repeating the word “NO” and “WHY?” as his owner tries to persuade him to move. Any parent who’s had Read More

Superman Wears A GoPro – Awesome POV Video

Sam Gorski, Niko Pueringer and Jake Watson, have released a spectacular short film in which Superman returns a lost GoPro camera to an unsuspecting member of the public. It is a pretty realistic imagining of what the Man of Steel sporting a GoPro headcam would look like. (In case you were wondering, it’s actually a Read More

The Human Pogo Stick: Amazing Acrobatics

This guy is unbelievable! Damien Walters is like a human pogo stick. You won’t believe what he can do with just a flip and a jump in this 2010 show reel.  I got tired just watching him. Click here to see more amazing stuff from Damien on his official YouTube Channel.

Cute Overload! These Animals Will Melt Your Heart And Make Your Day

Watch as these furry little friends restore our faith in unconditional love and trust.  They will warm your heart, making you laugh and cry all at the same time.  It’s amazing to see how an animal behaves when they sense true love and safety. Video compilation courtesy of The Humpy Observer

The Toughest Job In The World – Could You Do It?

Millions do this job every day! Could you? Unlimited hours. No breaks. The most important job is also the world’s toughest job. To add to the conversation started by American Greetings and Cardstore., Tweet: #worldstoughestjob To add to the unending list of requirements visit: worldstoughestjob.net Happy Mother’s Day from Boodler!

13 Things You Didn’t Know About Grumpy Cat

Grumpus felis catus, aka Grumpy Cat, is a sensation that has taken the Internet world by storm. Facebook and YouTube have literally exploded with Grumpy Cat videos, pictures, stories, etc. How big of a sensation? She has enjoyed, though you’d never know it by her face, no less than 4 million Facebook ‘likes’. You may Read More

3 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

A honeymoon in Costa Rica may be just about the perfect way to spend this once in a lifetime opportunity with your brand new spouse. It’s remote and exotic, while at the same time not being too far away from home. You’ll find yourself surrounded by incredible natural beauty, and alluring locales. It’s a safe Read More

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